How to Do the Reiki Meditation

reiki meditation


How Reiki Works – the body as a machine that works with strength and commanded by the mind that continuously overlapped by thoughts needs a way to revive and feel renewed. Reiki Meditation is a technique and a means of healing our body energies. This medication highlights on nurturing one’s self, it teaches the body to focus on its inner auras and connect to the forces of the universe.


The advisable time to perform Reiki Meditation is early in the morning after waking up where the mind is at its calm state after a night of rest, you can do this meditation on any desired time of the day as long as you are on the right disposition to do so. To effectively do this meditation, find a tranquil place away from things that would distract you.


How To Do The Reiki Meditation

This meditation requires inner peace that is why most would advise you to channel yourself first through consulting a Reiki practitioner or Reiki Master, but the main focus of this meditation is to be connected with your inner self and be at a meditation state, if you could do that then you could already start by doing the following procedure:


Sit Back and Relax comfortably on the floor, focus on the area below your navel where the energy is said to reside or your “Hara”. Take deep breaths and focus yourself on the belief that the healing energy is entering your body, as you release air, think of it as the means to release tension, anger, pain, depression, disappointments, and all the other negativity you are dealing with. Breathe in positivity, breathe out negativity; when you are ready and is at a peaceful mindset, move on with the next step.


Lift your right hand slowly just below your left shoulder with your palms facing down then slowly move this hand to your right hip in diagonal position, do the same routine with your left hand. Do this motion three times on each hand, while doing so, imagine the life force from the universe entering your body, let it flow through your hands as it wonders to your whole being. In this process, you will start to feel deep peace, relaxation, and lightness.


Slowly put your hands at the back of your head and find the most comfortable spot and hold your hands there for a moment. Then slowly move it to your throat slowly as possible. Do not put too much pressure since its aim is to make you breathe comfortably. After that, place your hands on your chest over your heart, do it with grace and feel the gift of life; listen to your heartbeat and appreciate.


Then, Place both hands on the top of your head like a in a praying manner and listen to your body, try feeling every bit of its activity from the flowing up to its beating. Breathe in and breathe out calmly without tension, focus on receiving the positive aura and let go of the negative matters. Be calm and feel renewed. Back to homepage.


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