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Casino Gambling Winners Who Invested Their Winnings Wisely

Is gambling real? This is a question which can be imagined by the people who have been dreaming ever about winning a lottery enormously. Being the best online casino winner in the jackpot can open a world of several chances for casino winners, who can, at last, enjoy staying in luxurious houses, Get new jobs or create organizations aimed at reaching their personal goals. The following are casino gambling winners who invested their winnings wisely:


JOHN KATEY-He constructed a massive Water Park

After winning in online slots worth $ 319 million Mega Millions Jackpot in the year 2011, John and his beloved wife Linda decided to contribute some of their own money to construct a water park in respect for their parents. They also gave $ 200,000 for the building of Spray Park on Green Island in the New York.


LOUISE WHITE-Formed a trust which was named after his lucky desert

Louise won the online slots at the age of 81 years and was born in New Port Rhode Island. She won casino in the year 2012 and purchased a rainbow sorbet at stop and shop before she bought a gambling thicket that made her win $ 336.4 million. In respect to her dessert, she created that benefited the family

called The Rainbow Sherbet Trust.


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BOB ERB-He advocated for the legalization of bhang

He was a Canadian bhang legalizer who won casino lottery worth $ 25 million in the year 2012. His winning occurred after he bought online slots ticket on the funeral of his father at Calgary. He had been buying tickets for 43 years without fruition.

Bob was a temporal worker in construction and went on working.He gave a contribution of his salary to the food bank. He contributed a million dollars of his salary towards the legalization of marijuana in Canada.


Jonathan Vargas- He created a TV show with female wrestlers

Jonathan was only 19 years old when she won casino worth $ 35.3 million in Powerball in the year2008. Using the funds she acquired; she created a promotion of women which lasted one season on TV, showing off shameful videos of women who acted on the sketched comedy.

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Lara and Roger Griffiths- bought their dream home

This couple won £ 1.8 million from casino gambling and bought a mansion of worth a price of £ 670,000 in the year 2006. As reported in the Daily Mail. Using this money, they bought other two rental properties, Porsche, invested in the stock market and also used £ 25,000 in making a record with his university group.

Sarah cockings -enlargement surgeries for her sister

She won in casino gambling in the year 2005. She was in the ministry of social works as a student. She received a prize of £ 3,045,705 ($ 4.2 million) which was used in buying a new house for the parents, vacations, and cars. She also helped her siblings herby she paid for her sister’s breast enlargement.

Denise and Paul

Their life was based in Wales, they won £ 5 million from a casino in the year 2007. They used the cash to buy a new mansion in Somerset and also invested in the other three properties.The winning also enabled them to finance their child’s higher education at Oxford University.