Every woman strives to keep her home clean and tidy because a clean home is her “business card” as a housewife and an expression of respect for herself and her loved ones. However, even the most pristine home has dirty secrets, and we’ll reveal them.

The dirty secrets of a clean home hide in the details. Those details give cosiness and completeness to the interior. The exact information that women choose with their proverbial hesitation and meticulousness. And because of their aesthetic function, these decorative elements often do not receive the necessary hygienic attention. And this is the biggest mistake of most modern housewives – obsessed with hectic daily life. They find time only for the primary responsibilities of maintaining the home and do more thorough cleaning no more than once a month. Although she tries to make her home shiny, every woman will feel uncomfortable when dirty secrets come to light. Because this usually happens at the most inopportune moment. To save yourself unpleasant emotions, do not forget to thoroughly clean your home every few weeks to unravel its dirty secrets.

The pillows

How to keep your pillows clean

Many housewives forget to wash the pillows in their homes. And over time, this can begin to affect not only good sleep but also health. Foam and synthetic pillows can be machine washed unless explicitly stated on their labels, separate from coloured laundry and in a slower program.

In contrast, feather and down pillows you must wash by hand. Otherwise, you will destroy them. Immerse them in warm water mixed with washing powder, and when soaked abundantly, gently wash them. Discard the dirty water and press the pillow down to squeeze the maximum water. Wrap them in a dry towel (to prevent them from tearing) and put them on a short program in the washing machine.

Keep in mind that the functionality of a pillow is between 3 and 5 years. It gradually deforms and begins to affect the quality of your sleep.

The windows

The windows are our view of the outside world and a good guide for the diligence of the owners. During the day, you want more light to enter the premises. Of course, the glass should be clean and bright. But many housewives make one major mistake: they try to wash the windows in the hot sun. However, direct sunlight causes the detergent to evaporate instantly before you can wipe it well. Thus, those blurred traces remain on the windows, especially clear during the day.

The best time to wash windows is early morning or evening when the windows have cooled. Touch them – if you feel them warm, you have to wait. First, apply the product with a slightly damp sponge over the window. Then wipe it with a cloth, washing it after each move. See more about the windows below.

Curtains and drapes

Light curtains (usually with a decorative function) are easy to maintain – you can wash them by hand or in the washing machine. But heavy curtains (usually plush or velvet) regularly create care for housewives. Due to their fluffy fabric, they collect a lot of dust, but there is an easy way to deal with this problem. Put a cloth in warm water, squeeze it carefully and run it lightly along the curtain. First, pick up the dust with a vacuum cleaner or a soft bristle brush. But you should do this carefully because you run the risk of the dust spreading around the room.

The upholstery

To freshen upholstered furniture, use a vacuum cleaner – set it to a higher speed and use a narrow nozzle to clean the cracks. Do not forget the corners and all sides of the cushions of upholstered furniture.

If you need to use a detergent to remove a stain of unclear origin, never apply the product before testing its effect on the fabric. Sometimes unpleasant chemical reactions occur that can destroy your furniture.

Regarding your pets, it is very likely the upholstery absorbs their smell. Sprinkle with baking soda, leave it for about 15 minutes, then vacuum. Leather upholstery will be much harder for you – you will not be able to erase the traces of nails permanently, but a cotton swab soaked in oil can do wonders with dark skin. Just smear the damaged areas, but remember – do not apply this trick to light leather upholstery.

The dirty secrets of a clean home are hidden in the wooden floor, the mattress and even the plush toys (at least one in every home). Vacuum cleaners, water and detergents will solve many of your problems, but the most important thing is to turn these procedures into systematic practice.

How do you handle the “Window Washing” mission at home?

Spring is usually a time for thorough cleaning and annoying window washing. It is one of the most labour-consuming tasks of the housewives and, at the same time, one of the most ungrateful because, after only a few days of washing the windows, they are again dirty from dust storms and rains. But whatever we do, clean windows create a unique feeling of freshness, space and light at home.

Usually, every housewife has a trained scheme of quickly and efficiently washing the windows. Some use a soap solution and a windshield wiper, others use a glass towel and glass cleaner, and still, others trust the rag and the good old newspaper to make the windows shine.
And it starts with climbing the ledge, hanging from the fifth floor, stretching and sweating until you wipe even the tiniest speck. In the spring, while walking on the sidewalk, you will probably see many women, including young and very old grandmothers, reaching out the windows in an attempt to clean them.

But more modern housewives spare their energy and prefer to hand over window cleaning to professionals. There are already so many companies for cleaning not only the windows but the whole house, and at reasonable prices, so that not only wealthy households can afford this luxury. And you can see the advantage of professional window washing. If you still leave a speck here and there, everything is polished to a shine after the professional cleaner experts.